Chocolate Hills, Beautiful Chocolate Hills in the Philippines

Despite the fact that the name is Chocolate Hills, these slopes are not made of chocolate, you know! This is an assortment of limestone slopes in the Philippines. Chocolate Hills is extremely exceptional, lovely, and fascinating to visit.

Assortment of Thousands of Hills

The Chocolate Hills are spread over the towns of Sagbayan, Carmen and Batuan on the island of Bohol. Bohol Island is in the Central Visayas area of the Philippines.

Chocolate Hills covers 50 hectares. There assembled slopes which numbered somewhere in the range of 1,268 and 1,776. Particularly, the shape and size of the slope is practically something very similar. That is cone shaped or like a vault with a level between 45 to 150 meters.

The slope was made of limestone covered with earth and totally congested with grass. That green grass, in the mid year it will evaporate. The variety changes to brown. The slopes became like chocolate, particularly chocolate chips. Thus, the slopes are called Chocolate Hills.

Candidate for the Seven Wonders of the World

In 1988, Chocolate Hills was proclaimed a National Geographic Monument of the Philippines. While UNESCO pronounced these slopes as a World Heritage Site. The most recent news says Chocolate Hills is in the new assignment for the seven marvels of the world.

To partake in the magnificence of Chocolate Hill, the public authority has fabricated a retreat called Chocolate Hills Complex situated in the city of Carmen which is furnished with a survey tower. Likewise, Chocolate Hills can be delighted in at the Sagbayan Peak Resort, in Sagbayan Town.

The Philippine government keeps on fostering this region, to draw in additional travelers. In its travel industry advancement, the Philippine government has remembered Bohol for its rundown of must-see normal marvels.